Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Lazy Bum, That's What I Am

So obviously I haven't been around for a while. Largely because I got married March 28.

Here you see me showing off the garter I made. I'm really also too lazy to post all kinds of pictures here, too, so this is the only shot you get, unless of course you're my friend on facebook.

Knitting-wise, I've accomplished a bit:

Meredith's Blackrose socks. Raveled here.

Liz's Wicked Witch socks. Raveled here.

And finally, Nicole's Leyburns. Raveled here.

Oh, and Molly's Hanging Vines are still in progress. I just couldn't get it all done in time. I am, however, taking a break from them with a pair of Heath's Socks for me, which are over half done now. Then I'll get back to Molly's. Other than getting hitched and spring quarter (my last one!) getting started, I don't have much else to report.

P.S. Enough pictures for ya?

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