Monday, November 19, 2007

Rannoch Pattern

Apparently people are actually interested in this pattern. I've never written one out before, so hopefully this is intelligible and I don't over-explain everything.

worsted weight yarn, roughly 180 yards on the safe side
U.S. size 7 dpns
bit of waste yarn (contrasting color helps)

CB: place next 2 stitches on dpn or cable needle, hold to back, K2, then K2 held stitches
CF: place next 2 stitches on dpn or cable needle, hold to front, K2, then K2 held stitches

Staghorn Cable:
Row 1 (and all other odd rows): P2, K16, P2
Row 2: P2, K4, CB, CF, K4, P2
Row 4: P2, K2, CB, K4, CF, K2, P2
Row 6: P2, CB, K8, CF, P2

Repeat rows 1-6 for Staghorn Cable

2x2 Garter Rib:
Row 1: K across needle
Row 2: K2, P2 to end of needle

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for Garter Rib

For both gloves:
CO 42 sts

Divide sts as follows: 10 on 1st needle (needle where your cast-on started), 20 on 2nd (this can be split to 10 & 10 if you prefer a set of 5), 12 on 3rd

Join to begin working in the round. K1, P1 ribbing for 4 rows or longer if you like.

Keep in mind that your join will be the center back (or underside) of your mitt.

When you have finished ribbing, begin working Garter Rib across needle 1. You should end on a knit stitch. On needle 2, work the first row of the Staghorn Cable. Needle 3 will be Garter Rib again, ending on a purl stitch. It helps me to remember that rows where I knit on needles 1 & 3 are the "simple" cable rows.

Continue working in this manner until you have repeated the Staghorn Cable 9 times.

Right Glove:
Work across the first two needles in pattern. K the first 2 sts of needle 3, then, using waste yarn, work the next 6 sts in pattern. Then slip these 6 sts back to the left needle and using working yarn, work them again in pattern and finish round. Skip to both glove finish.

Left Glove:
K the first 2 sts on needle 1, then, using waste yarn, work the next 6 sts in pattern. The rest is the same as Right Glove.

Both Gloves:
Repeat the Staghorn Cable 2 more times, then switch back to K1, P1 ribbing for as many rows as you began with. BO all sts.

Carefully remove the waste yarn from your thumbholes. You should be able to find 6 sts on both top and bottom. Insert dpns. Join new yarn. You can work this in whatever pattern you want, but my thumbs were P2, K2, P2 (1st needle), pick up and K3 on first side, P2, K1 (2nd needle), K1, P2, pick up and K3 on other side (3rd needle).

Work in your chosen pattern 4 rounds, then switch to K1, P1 ribbing for 4 rounds. BO all sts. Repeat for other glove. Weave in all ends.


Please let me know if there is any problem you find with this pattern. I appreciate positive and negative input. Thanks.

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