Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See, there it is, I actually finished it and got to take a picture, even if it's not spectacular. Grandma seems quite proud of it, though, which is all that really matters. I went home over MLK weekend to have Grandma take measurements for my wedding dress (she's going to make it) and I got to take this picture and eat some home-cooked food that I didn't have to prepare. Hurray for lazy college students. I really just want to show off my first lace project, so here's a fuzzy, but more color-accurate picture:

Grandma's chair is modeling with the assistance of some pillowcases. The pattern is available for free from MimKnits, and I made mine on KnitPicks Harmony Options, size 5, out of KnitPicks Shadow in Vineyard Heather.

I'm currently making a chevron scarf for a friend, and then I guess it will be socks for siblings, but it's up in the air, really.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Project finally complete!

Finally I have finished my sister's Christmas socks. They are the Boyfriend Socks by slippedstitch worked on 1.5's in KnitPicks Essentials Bare (aka Confetti Socks). It's taken a while, but I am quite proud of them, and hopefully she will enjoy them! Now to figure out what my next project will be...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in School

I now have regular computer access again, which makes me very happy, but nonetheless, I still have no pictures to put up. Christmas knitting got a little crazy, but I finished the Adamas shawl on Christmas Day by shortening it by 3 repeats. I also blocked something for the first time. I was very proud of it, and hopefully I can take pictures when I go home for MLKJ day. My sister's second sock is almost finished, and the atypically.knit-style scarf for my uncle is complete, along with a pair of simple hats for my roommate and her boyfriend. Classes are in full swing and are probably going to drive me crazy, so the only time I'll have to knit will be in class. Hopefully that means there will be some progress. I'm just worried that after I finish those socks I won't have anything to do, because I can't afford to buy yarn right now. :( Oh well, that's college life.