Wednesday, January 23, 2008


See, there it is, I actually finished it and got to take a picture, even if it's not spectacular. Grandma seems quite proud of it, though, which is all that really matters. I went home over MLK weekend to have Grandma take measurements for my wedding dress (she's going to make it) and I got to take this picture and eat some home-cooked food that I didn't have to prepare. Hurray for lazy college students. I really just want to show off my first lace project, so here's a fuzzy, but more color-accurate picture:

Grandma's chair is modeling with the assistance of some pillowcases. The pattern is available for free from MimKnits, and I made mine on KnitPicks Harmony Options, size 5, out of KnitPicks Shadow in Vineyard Heather.

I'm currently making a chevron scarf for a friend, and then I guess it will be socks for siblings, but it's up in the air, really.

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